The Horus Institute for Environmental Conservation and Development was founded in March, 2002, by a group of professionals concerned with the need for improving invasive alien species management and control in the field. The Institute has formed a network of collaborators in several areas of environmental sciences, such as professionals in civil society organizations, professors and researchers. Our common goal is to work for the conservation of natural areas and the restoration of degraded areas and ecosystem functions invaded by non-native species. This network is continually changing and is open to others who wish to collaborate.

Board of Diretors 2020-2022

Michele de Sá Dechoum


Patricia Beatriz Puechagut


Bárbara Segal

Christopher Graves

Guilherme Ritzmann

Brisa Marciniak de Souza

Silvia R. Ziller

Fundadora e Diretora Executiva