Why Horus?

Horus is an Egyptian god with a falcon head. His mother, Isis, is the goddess of homes, who protects the dead and gives them back their lives.

His father, Osiris, is an agrarian god who symbolizes the inexhaustible strength of vegetation and the vital activity of the universe.

Horus is a symbol of the alert eye of justice that watches over the strict enforcement of laws. He is often seen in combat to keep dark forces in balance and bring to triumph the forces of light.

Horus is inspiring because he reminds us that all forces in the universe are interlinked. In parallel, it is necessary to accept different points of view to build a vision for the future that suits us all while allowing for the conservation of nature and the well being and survival of all living creatures.

Our Mission

Develop environmental conservation alternatives and integrate them into economic and social development, production systems and the routine of civil society.

Our Vision

  • Environmental conservation is only viable if natural processes are maintained.
  • The entire territory of countries must be developed based on the conservation of natural processes, with protected areas as part of a mosaic of several types of use according to biodiversity and environmental vulnerability.
  • Human beings are part of the environment, not isolated from it, and cannot live or function away from natural systems.
  • Environmental quality is directly related to economic development and quality of life. The exhaustion of natural resources leads to the exhaustion of people’s possibilities of survival, either due to economic conditions or lack of quality of life.