Doctorate theses

Silvia R. Ziller, Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil, Dec. 2000
Biological invasions in the Parana grasslands (PDF 836 Kb) - Portuguese
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To download only the chapter on Biological Invasions, click here (PDF 362 Kb) - Portuguese.
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click here (PDF 38 Kb) - Portuguese

Systematic and Conservation of Genre Tupinambis (Squamata, Teiidae)
Ayrton Klier Péres Júnior - Federal University of Brasília, Brazil (PDF 27 Mb) - Portuguese

Distribution, abundance and populational structure of introduced fishes in the Guaraguaçu River, Paranaguá, Paraná, Brazil.
Jean Ricardo Simões Vitule - Doctorate thesis, Department of Zoology, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (PDF 1,7 Mb) - Portuguese

Masters dissertations

White pacific shrimp cultivation, Litopenaeus vannamei (BOONE, 1931), in net-tanks on the coast of Paraná state, Brazil: a case study. 
Leandro Ângelo Pereira, Masters dissertation, Department of Veterináry Sciences, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil (PDF 1,7 Mb) - Portuguese