Sílvia Renate Ziller
Executive Director , Member and Founder
Forester with masters and doctorate degrees in environmental conservation. Silvia believes that environmental conservation depends on the proper use of natural resources to make the permanence of life on Earth feasible. Professional experience in environmental restoration in different areas of Brazil. Has worked in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Expertise in invasive alien species, providing training in more than ten countries in the Americas. Ashoka Social Entrepreneur since 2001 working with invasive alien species. Coordinator of the Nature Conservancy South America Invasive Species Program and Board member of the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP).
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Leonir Piza
Vice-President, Member and Founder
Lawyer and Pedagogue, with experience in training human resources. Gaining experience in environmental law with the Horus Institute.

Geraldo Morceli Bolzani Júnior
Agronomical Engineer, graduated at UFPR and specialized in irrigated rice production in Vercelli, Italy. Also specialized in Economics and Administration. Professional experience in business and comunity development. Geraldo is currently developin research projects on the organizational management of comunities and on the role of the non-profit sector in the process of sustainable development (master´s degree).

Rodrigo Chaves Ribeiro
Member and Founder
Student os Forest Engineer. Rodrigo is trying to define a concept of environmental education for himself, because he intends to specialize in the area. Participated in environmental assessment studies in 1997 and many field trips. At the moment he works for the Horus Institute.

Fábio Luís de Oliveira Rosa
Member and founder
Agronomical Engineer and fellow of Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs since 1989 and of Avina since 2002. Fabio has specialized in management of natural grasslands and in the development of natural energies. President of IDEAAS - Institute for the Development of Natural Energy and Sustainability, has worked widely on rural electrification in several states in Brazil, providing electricity for approximately one million people. Fabio has won national and international awards in recognition for his work as a social entrepreneur.

Gisele Bolzani
Member and founder
Chemical Engineer specialized in Psychology and Marketing, focused in Development Psychology. Her professional experience has always been related to organizational matters - review of objectives and processes, and team development, for best results in small to large enterprises. Her work is currently directed to education and the environment. Gisele develops projects in capacity building of people, groups and organizations to face demands that require new forms of organization and work.

Leandro Angelo
Biologist, graduate d at the Catholic University in Curitiba, Brazil, holds a Specialist and Master´s degree in Environment and Development at the Federal University of Parana, Brazil. His work is mainly related to the development of traditional coastal communities in Parana state, using Aquaculture as a tool, but always concerned with with its environmental
and social impacts. Senior researcher of the Aquaculture and Environment
Studies Group - GIA and part of Technical Directory of the NGO Preservation. His interests are devoted to harmonic relations between humans and nature. Leandro believes that education and changing values are the means to make this happen.

Elisabeth Hildebrand
Member and founder
Has a Masters degree in Forest Economics and Politics, at the Federal University of Parana. Doctor in Economics of the Environment at the same university. Has worked over 10 years as a consultant in socio-economics and environmental assessment.

Humberto Howes
Fiscal Council
Director at the Colegio Integral em Curitiba, Brazil.

Irmgard Hildebrand
Fiscal Council
Ex-Director of Graciosa Mills.

Aida Franco
Book Keeper
Journalist, has always dedicated her time to environmental conservation issues. Aida was the Coordinator of the Campos Gerais Ecological Group of Ponta Grossa, Paraná state. Among her environmental initiatives is the Animal Newspaper, sent from Cianorte to several municipalities in the state. She is currently a press assistant to the council man José Luiz Teixeira, in Ponta Grossa, and a Professor at the State University of Ponta Grossa.

Magno Segalla
Biologist, specialized on amphibians. Works on research and dissemination of data on amphibians, being currently involved in constructing a national list of endangered species. He is the president of Brazilian Society of Herpetology and Board Member of RANA (The Research and Analysis Network for Neotropical Amphibians), institute whose mission is to promote the interpretation and understanding of the reduction of amphibian populations through research in Neotropical regions. Magno is also a photographer, and has collected a wide range of photos of amphibians in several types of habitat in Brazil.