Renata Martins Plucênio


Renata is a Biologist graduated at the Santa Catarina Federal University. Her professional choice was a consequence of her curiosity, since early years, about life and the diversity of species. She started working on biological invasions when she participated in a student program at the University, on a volunteer extension project in a partnership with The Horus Institute. The aim of this project was to control invasive pines in coastal scrub in a municipal park in Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. 

At the time, Renata became an intern of the Horus Institute to help update the National Invasive Alien Species Database. She fell in love with the topic and the possibility of studying invasion mechanisms to stop invasive species from invading, and prevent the loss of native biodiversity. The study she had to present to conclude the Biology course was on invasion by  Terminalia catappa (Singapore almond) in coastal scrub on the island of Santa Catarina. Renata is currently on the Board of the Horus Institute, at the same time studying and working on biodiversity conservation. 

When she was in university, her love of life and diversity made her feel that it would be nice to help others understand nature. So, she developed her career in education. Renata works as a Biology teacher in a High School and as Pedagogical Director and Manager of a preparatory course for university exams.

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