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Alien invasive species database: Preliminary Results

__The Brazilian invasive alien species database contains records of species already present in the country that grow day after day. Although the species you observe as invasive in your area are already in our list, each new reference of a municipality and area is a new one to the database and of high importance to compose our map of biological invasions in Brazil.

__Please do send in the data you have. The Nature Conservancy developed a tool to generate distribution maps of invasive alien species in Brazil in which each reference point is a record. These maps are available to the public upon request and can be generated by species or geographic area. Locations are referenced by municipality. The database also contains a field with descriptions of each location and, when available, geographic coordinates.

__The register of species in the database is done by municipality. For each spot, a species may be only present, established (reproducing locally) or invasive. All species listed have a history of invasion somewhere in the planet, integrating this database for the potential risk they pose or for being invasive somewhere in Brazil.

__Even when the species is indicated as invasive in Brazil, it will not likely be invasive in all ecosystems. Biological invasions do not respect politicas boundaries, but there are limits to their spread due to environmental conditions. Therefore, each reference is linked to a habitat type. The details referring to ecosystems invaded can be requested to the Horus Institute by email. We are working to generate a search mechanism for the database and keep it online in the website in order to make all data easily available to all.

Thank you for collaborating!

List of species and fact sheets