International websites

ISSG/IUCN - Invasive Species Specialist Group - The World Conservation Union
Hosts the global invasive species database. Contains publications and gives access to a discussion list on invasive alien species.

Global Invasive Species Information Network  - GISIN
Contains protocols with information standards, publications, information on meetings and other network products. 

International Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
Contains documents of the Convention meetings and related news.

Database of Island Invasive Species Eradications (DIISE)
Contains information mainly on terrestrial vertebrate eradications on islands.

CABI Invasive Species Compendium
Contains factsheets on invasive species with detailed information.


Essential variables for invasive species monitoring and reporting
Guidance for management by countries. Linked to the CBD.

CABI web page on invasive alien species
Contains information ln projects and focal species, with good emphasis on biological control. Inclues a link to the Invasive Species Compendium.

Biological control agents catalog for invasive alien species
Contains data on biocontrol agents used around the world and is searchable.

Stray pets as pests (Spain)
Contains information on impactos of pets in natural areas and on biodiversity.

Global Ballast Water Management Program
Website of the International Maritime Organization with guidelines for the management of ballast water and the international convention.

The Nature Conservancy website on invasive alien species
Although TNC cancelled its invasive species program in  2009, the website is still very useful. 
Contains interesting materials for download, especially a weed control manual.

Global database on fishes. Does not focus on invasive species, but has very useful general information.

Fisheries Global Information System (FIGIS)
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) website, includes a database on the introduction of aquatic species.

World Register of Marine Species - WORMS
Contains global data on marine species.

Island Cooperative Initiative
Of global reach, is intended to facilitate the control and eradication of invasive alien species on islands. The New Zealand government supports this initiative, which is linked to the Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG) and to the Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP).

ITIS - Integrated Taxonomic Information System
Taxonomic reference system. Used for animals in the Brazil national database on IAS. Based in the United States.

MIssouri Botanical Garden
Taxonomic reference system. Used for plants in the Brazil national database on IAS. Based in the United States.

Regional websites

Invasive Species Information Network for the Americas (I3N)
Contains information on the IABIN thematic network on IAS and links to national databases and information catalogs.

Caribbean Invasive Alien Species Network (CIASNET)
Contains data on invasive species issues in the Caribbean. Created with resources of a CABI / GEF project focused on  Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic.

HEAR - Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk
Contains vast information on a large number of species, including data on risk assessment, images and lists of invasive species in Pacific islands.

Weeds of Hawaii
Provides information on invasive plants in Hawaii in the format of datasheets, including management information.

PIER - Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk
This website Is part of the HEAR website, focusing on the other Pacific islands.

Asia and Pacific Forest Invasive Species Network
Contains information on the sustainable management of forests.

Pacific Islands Learning Network
Website on the regional initiative for information and experience exchange for the control and eradication of invasive species.

Pacific Islands Initiative on invasive alien species (PII)
Aims to improve capacity on the control of invasive alien species in the region. Contains information on projects, training courses, a calendar of meetings and guidelines for project development.

Invasive alien species initative in French overseas terriories
Contains general information on invasive alien species as well as
regulations and work carried out in the territories.  Developed by the IUCN French Committee.

Websites in Brazil

Ministry of Environment web page on invasive alien species
Contains legal regulations and policies, information on the National Advisory Group on Invasive Alien Species, publications and more.

The Horus Institute for Environmental Conservation and Development
Hosts the national invasive species database (I3N), which includes a search engine. Contains fact sheets of invasive species in Brazil, legal regulations at federal and state levels, and image bank, information on projects, news, scientific articles and theses, and more.

Ministry of Environment Water Ballast Management Program
Ministry of Environment web page on actions taken for the management of ballast water in Brazil.

Paraná state Invasive Alien Species Program
Contains legal regulations, the program conceptual basis, information on the State Management Committee, fact sheets of species with photographs, the official state list, and more.

Weeds in Brazil
This website covers weeds in the agricultural context, not focusing on invasive species that affect biodiversity, but may be helpful for the identification of species. The concept of weeds is not aligned with the Convention on Biological Diversity, as it includes native species that are considered problems in agriculture.


Invasive alien species in the Galapagos islands, Ecuador
Contains species lists, news, information on control and management, prevention, public awareness efforts and planning. Versions in Spanish and English.

United States government webpage on invasive alien species
National Invasive Species Council website. Contains guidelines for prevention, early detection and management, documents and more.

Invasive and exotic species of North America
Contains general information on invasive species, news and links to other websites. Hosts the former The Nature Conservancy website on invasive alien species.

United States database on invasive alien plants and noxious weeds 
Section of the US Department of Agriculture website, hosts a database with a search engine by species or states and provides federal and state weed lists.

United States National Invasive Species Information Center
Provides information on  aquatic species, plants, animals and microbes. Covers laws and regulations, economic impacts, toolkits for management and other resources.

Aquatic invasives research directory (AIRD) 
Database for information on invasive species and on coordinated research on biological invasions in aquatic ecosystems.

US Fish and Wildlife Service webpage on invasive alien species
Provides information on activities, laws and regulations, publications for download, and more.

Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) website on invasive alien plants 
Provides information on mechanical, chemical and biological control of invasive plants and information systems to help with species identification.

New York Invasive Species Information
Provides a vast amount of information on aquatic invasive species, plants and terrestrial animals, state and national laws and regulations, risk assessment and gives access to a database on aquatic invasive species (Cornell University).

Alaska Department of Fish and Game webpage on invasive alien species
Provides species lists and management plans for invasive alien species.

United States Office of National and Atmospheric Research webpage on invasive alien species
Provides information on prevention, control, monitoring, education and research on aquatic plants, mainly in the United States.

United States atlas of invasive alien plants
Provides information on invasive alien species, including photographs and distribution maps in the United States.

Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
Provides information and images of species, a searchable database, species identification cards, indication of regional field guides, a glossary, laws and regulations and publications for download.

Texas Fish and Wildlife Department webpage on invasive alien species
Includes species lists, information on high risk species and specific programs. 

Invasive Plant Atlas of New England, United States
Contains maps, information on modeling research, management, and a calendar of events. 

Management of invasive alien carp
Coordinating mechanism for management and control activities of Asian carp in the United States.

Information on invasive alien species in Alaska
Includes a state database, a classification of species per invasive potential, distribution maps, a list of publications and information on meetings and events.

PAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
Provides a list of regulated plant pests in the United States.


Working for Water Programme, South Africa
Invasive alien plants control program run by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry. Involves income generation, capacity building and improvement of life quality. The program was initiated with Nelson Mandella as its patron., South Africa
Provides information on invasive species in South Africa and their categories according to current legislation. Does not include management information.

South Africa Agricultural Research Council webpage on invasive species and pests
Contains information on biological, mechanical and chemical control, sources of information, laws and regulations.

Forest Invasive SpeciesNetwork for Africa
Provides information on forest invasive species species in African countries. This page is part of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) website and includes information on projects, events and publications.

Information on invasive alien species in the Seychelles
Contains a brief list of animal and plant species with comments.


Environment Australia
Australian government website for environmental issues, includes good content on invasive alien species. 
Click here for access to the invasive species section.

Weeds Australia
Contains information for species identification, prevention, management and training materials.

Feral animals in Australia
Contains fact sheets of the species and practical information on control, social impacts, research,  public policies, distribution maps, a searchable database and materials for school use.

Animal control technologies, Australia
Provides information on products and control methods for invasive alien animals (vertebrates and invertebrates).

CSIRO Australia (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) on marine invasive alien species
reports and publications, information on projects and an image bank. 

National Introduced Marine Pest Information System (NIMPIS)
Gives access to a search mechanism by species, with fact sheets and photographs. Provides information on how to report a pest and telephone numbers of several agencies.

New Zealand Department of Conservati Program  for invasive Plants and Animals in the context of Biosecurity
Information on invasive alien species including activities in the country, programs, volunteer work and more.

Massey University webpage on invasive alien species
Provides a plant database that generates fact sheets with a description of the species, its habitat, characteristics to facilitate identification, and information on control.

Weedbusters New Zealand
Volunteering program for the control of invasive species. Provides information on species, teaching materials, photographs, activities for children, and a list of contacts for enrollment into volunteer work.

New Zealand regional websites on invasive alien species

Auckland Regional Council
Provides information on invasive plants, chemical and biological control methods.

Northland Regional Council
Provides management strategies for download.

Waikato Regional Council
Provides fact sheets on invasive species and guidelines for control.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council
Provides information on control strategies for invasive species.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Provides information on plants in three control categories and on invasive animals. The management strategy is available for download.

Wellington Regiona Council
Provides species lists for invasive plants and animals, fact sheets focused on problems caused, and suggestions of activities for the general public.

Canterbury Regional Council
Provides information on the management of invasive species, laws and regulations.

Westland Regional Council
Provides information on a management strategy for invasive plants.


Invasive alien species in China
Provides a partial list of invasive species in the country.

Invasive alien species in Japan
Provides information on laws and regulations and species lists.

Invasive species management in Thailand
Provides a history of development of invasive species issues worldwide, a summary of species in the country, information on management strategies for insects (from an agricultural point of view), recomendations for prevention and management and a list of references.

Espécies exóticas invasoras na Coreia
Contém um mecanismo de busca por espécies e informações gerais sobre espécies invasoras.

Invasive plants in India
Provides lists of introduced and invasive species. This webpage is hosted by the CABI website.


Biological invasions in Europe - DAISIE
Database on the distribution of invasive alien species in Europe. Contains information on species, experts and regions.

European Network on Invasive Alien Species - NOBANIS
Website on invasive alien species in Northern and Central Europe. Includes species fact sheets, laws and regulations, and a database searchable by species.

Biological invasions in Portugal
Website on invasive plants, publications and actitivities developed by the Coimbra Agrarian Superior School.

Woody plants database
Website on invasive species of trees (Pierre Bingelli).

Invasive alien species in Great Britain
Provides information on species, laws and regulations, risk assessment, databases and more.

Invasive alien species in Ireland
Website of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Contains a field guide, information on banned species, the most unwanted species, volunteering and news.

Ireland database on invasive alien species
Hosts a national database, and has other information and news.

Invasive alien species in Belgium
Contains species lists, risk assessment reports and other resources.

Invasive alien species in Poland
Provides access to a database that generates species lists, and contains information on a project developed by the Institute of Nature Conservation.

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) webpage on invasive alien species in the Mediterranean 
Part of the effort of the IUCN Center for Conservation of the Mediterranean 
Provides numerous articles for download, a photo gallery and information on seminars.

Europe and Mediterranean Oganization for Plant Protection (EPPO)
Provides information on plant quarantine, protocols and standards, publications, meetings, lists of species of potential risk and gives access to databases related to plant protection.

Baltic Sea database on invasive alien species
Gives access to a detailed search mechanism and includes birds and mammals beyond marine organisms. This webpage is part of the Lithuania Research and Coastal Planning Institute (CORPI).

Ecologists in Action webpage on invasive alien species, Spain
Provides news on invasive alien species.

Latin America Databases and Information Catalogs on Invasive Alien Species (I3N - IABIN)

Argentina invasive alien species database
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca

Bolivia invasive alien species database
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz

Brazil invasive alien species database
Developed through I3N - IABIN, The Horus Institute, Florianopolis - SC

Chile database on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Ministry of Environment, Santiago

Colombia database on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, Bogota, adapted to the Colombia Biodiversity Catalogue in 2016

Costa Rica database on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, INBio, San Jose

El Salvador catalog on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN

Ecuador database on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Jatun Sacha and Ministry of Environment, Quito

Guatemala invasive alien species database
Developed through I3N - IABIN, CONAP, Tegucigalpa

Jamaica invasive alien species database
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Institute of Jamaica, Kingston

Mexico catalog on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN,  CONABIO, Mexico City

Paraguay database on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Guyra Paraguay and Presidential Secretary of Environment, Asuncion

Dominican Republic catalog on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, State Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources, Santo Domingo

Uruguay database on invasive alien species
Developed through I3N - IABIN, Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo

Venezuela catalog on invasive alien species
Information system on biodiversity in Venezuela, Museum of the Institute of Agricultural Zoology (Museo del Instituto de Zoología Agrícola), Caracas