National survey on alien invasive species

The Horus Institute has been working on a national database for invasive 
alien species since 2005. The initiative is due to the lack of information on the problems caused by biological invasions in Brazil, and many people in technical areas linked to environmental issues, as well as other people sensitive to the needs of nature conservation have been collaborating with information.

The data is available from this website on the National Invasive Alien Species Database, part of the I3N - IABIN (Inter-American Biodiversity Information) Network. Click here to access. 

The basic information you can send in is (please use excel spreadsheet available below):

a) species scientific and common names, and family, if you know them;
b) information on the history of introduction and invasion, if possible;
c) invaded sites, from local references to municipalities and states, since each site is a different record;
d) impacts caused by the invasion, as far as you know;
e) additional data you consider important;
f) your contact information, which will also be stored as a reference, and bibliography, if any.

Please use our spreadsheet to fill in your data and send it to the email invasoras@institutohorus.org.br. Don´t worry if you can´t fill in all the fields. Every information is very important for the database!

Every information you send is linked to your name as the source of data. Your details will be registered in the Contacts section of the Database. You can also send in bibliography and other references.

Download spreadsheet

This is a global problem: the more we look around the more we realize there are many invasive species taking over our natives. Everyone´s help is needed to save our ecosystems, health and production.