Scientific articles

· Definitions on alien invasive species - Convention on Biological Diversity

· Invasive alien plants: the threat of biological invasions - Silvia Renate Ziller
  Ciência Hoje Magazine vol. 30 num. 178, December 2001 (PDF 1.8 Mb) - Portuguese

· Enviromental Dimension - Invasive species - IBGE - Pag 124 - 134 (PDF 2 Mb) - Portuguese

· The Global Invasive Species Information Network - What’s in It for You? - Annie Simpson.

· Controlling invasive plants - the importance of nascent foci (PDF 404 Kb) - English
Michael E. Moody; Richard N. Mack - Journal of Applied Ecology (1988) 25

· Plants in war - Invasive alien plants invade the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park - Portugal - Carina Rodrigues, Marta Gaspar, Letícia Gonçalves, et al. (PDF 49kb) - Portuguese

· Survey and research about the impact caused by the infestation of Achatina fulica in Rio de Janeiro State - Brazil
- FIOCRUZ, Government of Rio de Janeiro - (PDF 1 Mb) - Portuguese

· Alien grasses in Brazilian savannas: a threat to the biodiversity - Vânia Regina Pivello, Cláudia Nagako Shida and Sérgio Tadeu Meirelles (PDF 153kb)

· The dispersion of exotic conifers in natural areas: examples from New Zeland (PDF 205 Kb) - Spanish. Mariana Cattaneo, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

· Impacts of the African bee invasion in the Brazilian Savanna - Nilton Tadeu Vilela Junqueira - Embrapa Cerrados - (PDF 14kb) - Portuguese

· Ecological Risk: Pine Invasions and the Problem of Invasive Alien Plant
Species in Itapuã State Park - Viamão, RS - BRAZIL
(PDF 40 KB) - Portuguese
Liesenfeld, M.V.A. & Pellegrim, L.M. InGa – Instituto Gaúcho de Estudos Ambientais

· The role of herbicides in preserving biodiversity (PDF 112 Kb) - English
Jake Sigg, California Exotic Plant Pest Council News, Summer/Fall 1999

· Can snails ever be biological control agents?
Robert H. Cowie, Integrated Pest Management, 2001. (PDF 308 Kb) - English

· The degradation of the Parana grasslands in South Brazil through biological invasions by Pinus elliottii and P. taeda
Revista Floresta, 2003, Federal University of Parana (PDF 336 Kb) - Portuguese

Aquatic Environment - Freshwater
· Reduction of a native fish fauna by alien species: an example from Brazilian freshwater tropical lakes. A. O. Latini; M. Petrere, Jr. (PDF 189 kb)

· Biodiversity and Fisheries Management in the Paraná River Basin: Successes and Failures. Angelo Antonio Agostinho and Luiz Carlos Gomes. (PDF 151 kb)

· The protection of Fauna and Biodiversity: the prevention principle and the possible noxious effects of the introduction and breeding of tilapia and catfish - Letícia A. Ramos, Denise A. P. do Rosário e Ana M. M. Marchesan (PDF 159kb) - Portuguese

- Aquatic Environment - Marine
Socioeconomic impacts of aquaculture using invasive alien species on small-scale fishing - Mônica Peres e Sandro Klippel - IGARE (PDF 17kb) - - Portuguese

· GloBallast Program– Ballast Water, in Brasil- Portuguese